What are


and how to use them?

At Ipsum, we believe strongly in blockchain technology. However, we are aware that it is not an easy technology to use, so we have worked to make it transparent to the user!

Our platform works with tokens called IPS, which are needed to create certificates and use our services.

Our IPSs, however, are not cryptocurrency! This means:

Their value is constant, you don't risk losing the money you spend

You don't have to declare them

No AML checks required to purchase them

You don't need a digital wallet to store them

How to

Buy ips?

Thank you for your interest in our platform!

Currently, we haven’t publicly opened the purchase of IPS.

We are working with a select group of enthusiasts to provide you with the best possible experience!

Start certifying your watches!

About us

IPSUM is a Milan based company active in the development of blockchain certification for luxury goods. 

We are registered as Innovative Startup in the Italian “Registro delle Startup Innovative”

Our mission

Our customer-oriented idea aims to exploit an innovative anti-counterfeiting system, with the introduction of digital certification based on blockchain technology to fill the gap between the manufacturer and client, thereby introducing the client to a set of innovative services and the manufacturer to an innovative marketing tool as well as a completely new approach to the second-hand market.